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The message of February 20th, 2012 (Seal from the Dwelling God [see chapter seven of Revelation for biblical reference]) should be study by all. If God has decided on this time and era to close human background as we realize it, His Seal will likely be a terrific Present of mercy for those ready to listen.

The emails could possibly be sent to each of the individuals on liberal email lists – MoveOn, Sierra Club, Unions, and so on. They may be place in alternative publications, both equally on the internet and in print, to become forwarded. Should the emails are created perfectly plenty of, probably more than enough men and women will choose to forward them in addition to a bulk of voters will get to read them.

Hagena and Companions, a crew of retired Luftwaffe typical staff officers, has prepared a fifty three-website page examine (in German). With hardly any exceptions we had to count on open resources and also the legislation of chance, and in addition on examening the query “cui bono”.

These who would like to dedicate any terrorist attack will be able to purchase any bombs or weapons they need. It's really a Bogus hope that any intelligence agencies in an open Modern society can stop all indoctrinated and ideologically inspired suicide bombers from their prison behaviour.

The procedures were being penned some five hundred many years ago but are stil to this day crucial and appropriate observing that politicians and civil servants use these methods. If this is performed on purpose or not is another matter which i lead generation won't enter into here. @ consortiumnews Thanks for an excellent web site and I look ahead to go through and stick to your site

I’m unsure, in fact how to try this from below (Germany) – I have a Mastercard Gold – but I believe I would wish a IBAN Nr. to send you any funds.

To hasten the tip of Israel’s captivity, Kabbalah endorses extermination of Gentiles, not simply just as being a necessity, but as the highest religious duty. Zohar II describes the ideas of redemption on the firstborn of the ass by featuring a lamb: “The ass indicates non-Jew, who's to generally be redeemed by the providing of a lamb, that is the dispersed sheep of Israel.

Right after a huge destruction via the invaders of everyday living, home and infrastructure in Iraq, President Bush grew to become the eventual conqueror and learn of Iraq and of its rich oil resources.

A huge number of Le Pen ballots have been mailed out obtaining been hand-torn, rendering them “spoiled ballots” and uncountable from the election. Concurrently, Macron voters been given not 1 but two ballots inside the mail, making it possible for them to vote two times. Have a look:

An essential factor in being familiar with this ‘unholy alliance’ or relationship is to check out that it's rooted inside the lifestyle of approved violence, immoral human habits and otherizing.

Despite the utterly abominable crime we witnessed, we must also try and begin to see the terrorist attacks in European nations like France and Belgium in a very broader context.

The “Audio of Silence” is a army-intelligence code-word for particular psychotronic weapons of mass mind-Command examined inside the mid-1950s, perfected during the 70s, and made use of thoroughly through the US navy while in the early 90s.

The navy-industrial-violence-elaborate makes use of this speciesist – otherizing empathy/compassion conscience compartmentalization as component of their desensitization boot camp courses (soldierizing – sailorization) of recruits in planning them to eliminate the ‘enemy.’:

If the Nuclear dangers are most likely catastrophic (conclude lifetime as we understand it), the folks should come across a method to decrease the risk! Here's a prepare for the largest movement of nonviolence the planet has at any time observed.

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